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    order by in crosstab query (Access 2000)

    I want to order by my crosstab query depending on liters, ordering them in descending way, when the customers with the biggest liters come first. Can you help me add it on the query which is :

    PARAMETERS [Forms]![frmQuarterSales]![Office] Long;
    TRANSFORM Val(Nz(Sum([order details].[liters]),0)) AS SumOfLiters
    SELECT customers.Customerid, customers.CompanyName,
    FROM (customers INNER JOIN orders ON (customers.Customerid = orders.customerid) AND (customers.Customerid = orders.customerid)) INNER JOIN [order details] ON orders.orderid = [order details].OrderID
    WHERE (((customers.afid)=[Forms]![frmQuarterSales]![Office]) AND ((orders.paymentid)=True))
    GROUP BY customers.Customerid, customers.CompanyName,
    PIVOT Format([InvoiceDate],"q");

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    Re: order by in crosstab query (Access 2000)

    You cannot sort the query you now have by the sum of liters, since it is the value field of the crosstab query. You could add the overall sum of liters (over all quarters) per customer as a row field, and sort on that.

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