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    conditional formatting a field (2003)


    I have a form with a subform on it. In the main form there is a field "Invoicetotal" where the user puts in the total amount for the invoice. The user then goes to the subform to enter the detail information for the "Invoicetotal" field. I created in the footer of the subform a field call "Subtotal". It has the sum of a field call "InvoiceDetail" this is where the user breaksdown the amounts. I want to set the "Subtotal" field with a conditional format that if the total is not the same as amount enter in the "Invoicetotal" then to put the background red. How can I go about doing this or can anyone recommend a better way of doing this. Below is a example:

    Invoicetotal $500 field in the main form.

    Invoice detail -$100 personnel, $400 Indirect = subtotal field $500 (this is the field I would like to put the conditional format.



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    Re: conditional formatting a field (2003)

    Select the Subtotal text box in the footer of the subform.
    Select Format | Conditional Formatting...
    Click in the second dropdown in Condition 1 and select "Not equal to".
    Click in the box next to it and enter the expression


    substituting the actual name of the main form.
    Select the formatting you want to apply.
    Click OK.
    The formatting will be updated when the Subtotal is recalculated.
    Save the subform.

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