I really like Vista's search capabilities. Got a problem, however. From time to time, in Windows Explorer I see the message, "Searches might be slow in non-indexed locations [drive:folder name]. Click to add to index...." I took that to mean the drive or folder is not indexed. Indexing sounds like a good idea, so this one time I accepted the offer--and I've come to regret it. The drive in question is an external hard drive (Seagate USB). This drive has many folders, among them "Photo Files." That's where I was when I clicked on the "add to index" thing. I've got lots of JPEGs in that folder and its many subfolders, and I grew very fond of the search tool to find photos. Well, since I clicked "add to index," search barely works for the "Photo Files" folder. For example, I can clearly see a sub-folder name in the explorer window, but when I type the name into the search box, search comes up empty. ("No items match your search.") Another weird thing: Say I have 10 photos that include a particular text string ("Colorado," for example)—search returns just one of the photos. When I try that on other drives, search returns every photo and folder or sub-folder that shares the text string.

What's up with this? I checked the Properties sheet for the drive and for the folder, and both are marked for indexing.