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    Active X (Firefox XP SP 2)

    Hi all, It was recently suggested to me that I scan my computer with ewido networks [ ] but when I clicked on the "Scan Now" tab a message popped up saying : - Sorry, your browser does not support ActiveX or it is not enabled. If you are using Internet Explorer, please enable ActiveX and try again. If you are using any other browser, you can download a minimal version of ewido anti-spyware: I did have Active X on my last computer but don't know if the technician in the shop transfered it to my new computer when I bought it from him. (a) I have looked in C: / Program Files but can' t see it. ([img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] I looked at the "ewido" web site and noticed that only 38,411 downloads had been made of the Download Control * & 9.333 of the ActiveX Control Pad so wondered why the figures were so low if this is as popular & worth having as it is made out to be. Regards Dave.
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    Re: Active X (Firefox XP SP 2)

    FireFox itself doesn't support ActiveX. There was an ActiveX plugin for earlier versions, but not for FireFox 2 as far as I know.
    So try running Ewido in Internet Explorer.

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    Re: Active X (Firefox XP SP 2)

    Just for background, ActiveX is a portable code technology that Microsoft added to Windows while (perhaps not coincidentally) dropping support for Netscape-compatible plugins in Internet Explorer. Firefox still runs Netscape-compatible plugins and does NOT run ActiveX controls. Therefore, the instructions you quoted from the above page appear to be correct.

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