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    Filter by Fill Color (Excel 2003)

    I have a worksheet populated with several thousand records. Someone has manual color filled the records based on a criteria of the record. I can't sort the records by any available AutoFilter criteria. No formula or macros was used to perform the color fill of the records; however, the color scheme that has been used is useful.

    How can I AutoFilter based on the color of the fill?

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    Re: Filter by Fill Color (Excel 2003)

    Chip Pearson has a useful web page Functions For Cell Colors.

    Try the following:
    - Copy the CellColorIndex function (the first function on the page) into a module in your workbook.
    - In the first empty column to the right of your data, enter the word Color in row 1.
    - In row 2, enter the formula =CellColorIndex(A2) if you want to return the fill color of cell A2.
    - Or enter the formula =CellColorIndex(A2,TRUE) if you want to return the font color of cell A2.

    You can now filter and sort on the color index.

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