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    Copy/Paste AutoFiltered Range (2003)

    I'd like to copy and paste a range that has been AutoFiltered based on selected criteria in another worksheet. When I try, it copies the hidden records as well. How do I copy and paste only the unhidden cells in another worksheet based on the AutoFilter criteria I have selected?

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    Re: Copy/Paste AutoFiltered Range (2003)

    What do you mean by "AutoFiltered based on selected criteria in another worksheet"? With AutoFilter, you specify the criteria by clicking on the dropdown arrows in the field names, not in a separate range.

    Anyway, the default behavior for Excel is to copy only the filtered (visible) data, so I don't understand why you get all data.
    You can try this:
    - Select the filtered table.
    - Select Edit | Go To...
    - Click Special...
    - Select Visible Cells.
    - Click OK.
    - Try to copy and paste now.

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