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    How to move PST to new directory? (2007)

    Archive.pst and Outlook.pst getting too big for the existing directory on a rather small partition; need to move. I first shut down Outlook and tried copying the files from the current location to the directory, figuring I would then restart Outlook and go into File > Data File Management and "add" the new .pst files then delete the old ones. But I stalled at the first copy: Windows tells me it can't be moved because file is locked.

    How does one accomplish a move of .pst files? And do the other files in the existing directory (.DAT, .KFL, .OBI, .TMP) need to go as well?

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    Re: How to move PST to new directory? (2007)

    Outlook often remains in memory for a while after you closed it, so don't try this immediately after quitting Outlook. If it still doesn't work, restart your computer and don't use Outlook before you have copied or moved the .pst files.
    I'd leave the other files where they are.

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