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    Truncated Text in Subreports (2003 SP2)

    I've created a "master" report with a bunch of "artificial" groupings (=1, =2, etc. in Sorting and Grouping). I specify a Footer for each of these sections. Based on guidance provided in response to a previous post, this was done to provide more flexibility in using growing and shrinking fields (as I remember). Then in the footer section I place a subreport that can grow/shrink. In the subreport I repeat this (create an artifical grouping with a group footer. In the Footer section I place the fields to be displayed, some with grow/shrink set to "Yes" (particularly for memo data types). The record source is a query that formats some of the table fields for display (including several memo fields).

    Here's the problem (finally!): If the query has a calculated field that reformats a memo field (e.g., adds a CRLF on the end), the report truncates the text to 255 characters (the query output itself has the full text). If the query just "passes through" the memo field from the source table, all the text is displayed (with appropriate growing/shrinking). If I move the fields to the "Detail" section, all the text is displayed, regardless of whether it's reformatted in the query or not. Any idea why this truncation is taking place?

    I can probably work around this by (1) putting the fields into the Detail section (I'm pretty sure I had a good reason to create the artificial footer section and place it there rather than in the Detail section), (2) Not bothering to reformat the memo text in the query, or (3) Create a temporary table with the reformatted text and use that table as the record source for the subreport. However, I'm hoping there's an easier way to solve this without sacrificing the appearance of the text. Or, at least, I'm hoping there's a rational explanation for this behavior.


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    Re: Truncated Text in Subreports (2003 SP2)

    Access has a tendency to truncate memo fields to 255 characters when the text is formatted - see ACC2000: Formatted Memo Field Appears to Truncate Data After 255 Characters (although that MSKB article is for Access 2000, it applies to Access 2002 and probably 2003 too). But I haven't seen this when using an expression that concatenates a memo field with something else.
    However, if it happens in your report, you'll have to use one of the workarounds...

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