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    Help with using lookup command (2003)

    I am trying to do a lookup formula to do the following , but need some assistance with how l go about doing it, what l require is as follows;

    1. find value in 2nd row as first row header

    2. find value in spreadsheet

    3. go along to change type column, if Logical then put “MACD SOFT” in Comments field , if Physical then put “MACD SOFT

    4.. If found in IDND spreadsheet put IDND value in “Team” column.

    5. Do same process for IISS spreadsheet in case value not in original spreadsheet.

    See screenshot for assistance.
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    Re: Help with using lookup command (2003)

    I am confused. can you elaborate?

    Perhaps provide a worksheet and list what the values in the example should be.


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