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    forms / reports (office 2003/ XP)

    This may be a silly question, but, is there a way to take an existing form and produce a report that looks exactly like it without starting from scratch in the reports generation side? I have a form which the users would like to see as part of a printed report. The form has the look and feel that the users like but is a small portion of a bigger report that eventually is exported to Excel. Right now, I am exporting data from queries to excel and using excel macros to place and format the data from the queries. Somehow, the resulting look and feel falls short of what the actual form provides. Short of grabbing a screen shot and pasting it on an excel worksheet, is there a way to get that form to appear on a report or send it directly to excel? Please don't hesitate to tell me I'm way off base on this.

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    Re: forms / reports (office 2003/ XP)

    Open your form in design view.
    Select File | Save As...
    The Save As dialog has a dropdown - select Report from the list.
    Specify a name and click OK.

    I'm not sure that'll help with exporting to Excel, though.

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