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    protection (Excel 2003)

    how do i protect only my formulas in the worksheet but not the input cells

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    Re: protection (Excel 2003)

    Protection is a two-step process in Excel. By default, all cells are locked, but this will only become effective when you protect the worksheet.

    Step 1: unlocking cells.
    - Select some or all of the "input cells" (i.e. cells that the user must be able to edit).
    - Select Format | Cells...
    - Activate the Protection tab.
    - Clear the check box "Locked".
    - Repeat until you have unlocked all "input cells".

    Step 2: protect the worksheet.
    - Select Tools | Protection | Protect Worksheet...
    - In the dialog that appears, you can specify what is allowed.
    - As a minimum, leave the check box "Select unlocked cells" ticked; you can tick or clear the other check boxes as you wish.
    - If you'd like to set a password, enter it in the box. (If you do so, you'll be asked to confirm it in the next step)
    - Click OK.

    Your sheet is now protected, and the user can only edit the cells that you unlocked.
    If you need to change the design of the worksheet, select Tools | Protection | Unprotect Sheet.
    If you set a password, you'll have to provide it now. (So don't forget it!)

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