Dear Loungers,

I use offline files to continue working when not connected to the network. It has always been reliable. But I now have a few MS Access databases and I don't understand the behaviour:
1. I have a database (NAMP) that is a read only file about 3.5 Mb & synchronisation reported it was unable to synchronise files of that type.
2. I created a new NAMP database and imported everything, it was not protected, this synchronised OK
2. The database m(NRGM) I created in Access was synchronising OK
3. Today my database (NRGM - about 5Mb) and the new NAMP database (about 3.5Mb) which I know were synchronising fine now reportsthe same error as the other database (NAMP).

I can't find any documentation about circumstances under which this would happen. i don't understand what tyhe difference between yesterday's NRGM file and today's is oteyhr than size.

Any ideas............. liz