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    Laptop Network Settings

    I've searched the archives ... don't think this problem has been addressed.

    I have a laptop computer, running Windows 2000 Professional, that I use in several network settings. One setting uses DHCP, one does not. One uses Netware and the other not. I'm having to reprogram my network settings each time I connect to the "other" network.

    Surely there is a way to keep the network settings straight between the two networks <img src=/S/exclamation.gif border=0 alt=exclamation width=15 height=15> This is probably simple, but I haven't found it yet. Yes, I do have separate user accounts for the different networks.

    Thanks for the assistance.


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    Re: Laptop Network Settings

    I know in previous version of Windows, to keep network settings for different networks, each network requires it's own network adapter.

    Do you have more than one network adapter?
    Christopher Baldrey

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    Re: Laptop Network Settings

    There is two things I can think of that you can try.
    One: There is a program by Symantec called Mobile Essentials. This program is very good, it lets you set up just about anything you could possible want with different locations. Even down to what drive map to what locations.
    Second: Did you try setting up different hardware profiles? (Don't think it will work, but it's stuck in my head)

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    Re: Laptop Network Settings

    Thanks for the pointer! I searched but did not find Mobile Essentials 2.5 listed at the Symantec site. However, I did find a program called MultiNetwork Manager from Globesoft ( that does much (if not all) of what Mobile Essentials does.

    Purchase price is $36(US) and a 20-day trial version can be downloaded. So far, it works perfectly.


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