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    Importing file, but not all of them (2003/SR2)

    I have a database that I use to keep track of our students in Sunday School. We have three "special events" each year and I use a seperate DB to keep track of those things. I know how to link to the table in the main database that contains the information but here's the problem. At 2 of these special events, we have people that are basically a "one time only" participant, so I don't really want to put them in the main database records.

    They will not come to Sunday School, well, some will and some won't. The DB for the special events have specific reports and forms for those events. What I do is keep a seperate DB for each event, that way I can go back and see who attended an event in 2005, (believe it or not, that has come in handy).

    I don't feel like that is the best way to keep track of things but I'm not sure what would be the best way to go. One big DB with everyone in it and check box maybe for regulars, but if I do that, how do I keep track of year by year participation? Does anyone else run into this type of thing? Any suggestions or example? I hope it makes sense. Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Importing file, but not all of them (2003/SR2)

    I'd keep everything in one database.
    You can add a Yes/No field to the participants table to specify whether they are one-time-only (the default is No, so you don't have to enter anything for regular participants).
    And add a Number (Integer) field that specifies the year to the events table.

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