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    remove msg 'doc contains one or more links...' (Word 2002 XP SR3)

    In my Word docs I have Notes Links.

    The links were inserted...
    - in the Lotus notes item (document) goto Edit menu, Copy as Link
    - Goto the Word doc, Paste Special, Paste Link, Picture
    - Save and close the doc

    On opening the Word doc's, the message displays " This document contains one or more links to other files. Do you want ot update this document wtih the data from the linked files?"
    <picture 1>

    I want to clear this message,
    - so I goto the Word menu Edit, Links
    - The Links dialog displays.
    - If I click on an "Auto" link and change to Manual update, click OK
    - I check the links, and the links reverts back to "Auto"
    <picture 2>

    In the fieldcodes the switch "a" -is the automatic update switch. I remove the switch a save and close the doc. On opening the doc the Word message regarding updating links doesnt display.
    <picture 3>

    In this document alone there are 50 or more links. We have several hundred of these documents with many links inserted.

    Links were inserted in older versions of software Lotus Notes 4.0 & Word 97. These links by default are "Manual update"
    The links I insert now using Lotus Notes7.0 & WordXP, the inserted links by default are "Automatic"

    Does anyone know where this automatic preset is set?

    Is there an easier way to update these links in a batch process?

    I thought I could get away with it by, selecting all items in the Links list and change to Manual update. This doesnt appear to work. Does anyone know why this isnt working.

    instead I'm manually fudging each fieldcode, which isnt the best method <img src=/S/yikes.gif border=0 alt=yikes width=15 height=15>

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    Re: remove msg 'doc contains one or more links...' (Word 2002 XP SR3)

    Hi Diana,

    Here's a macro to automate the process for making the links update manually:
    <pre>Sub LinkManual()
    Dim i As Integer
    With ActiveDocument
    For i = 1 To .Fields.Count
    ' If it's a LINK field, switch of AutoUpdate
    If .Fields(i).Type = wdFieldLink Then .Fields(i).LinkFormat.AutoUpdate = False
    Next i
    End With
    End Sub</pre>


    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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