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    Crosstab Query (Access 2000)

    I have a table that has data in the attached format. I need to create a crosstab query where the samples are across the top or column headings, the result is the value and where lab is the row heading. This should be easy but I don't want to group the labs field. I need the data in the following format. I have attached a stripped down comma delimited spreadsheet. Please help.

    S1 S2
    L1 Result 1 Result 1
    L1 Result 2 Result 2
    L2 Result 1
    L2 Result 2
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    Re: Crosstab Query (Access 2000)

    In a crosstab query, you MUST group on the row heading field and on the column heading field. Perhaps you can use a pivot table (I must admit that I thoroughly dislike pivot tables in Access and never use them, but they may provide what you want).

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