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    Line Column Chart with Stacked Columns (2002 SP3)


    I've had help here before with putting a trend line on a stacked column chart (using an array), now I need to know how to how to put a line on a stacked column chart.
    I have 3 sets of data
    Actual Claims (actual claims received) , Projected Claims (my projections based on the past 12 months activities- changes each month)
    Target Claims (fixed numbers for each year)

    I want to stack the actual and projected claims so that previous years will only show actual, the current year will show actual and projected and future years will show just projected.

    Next I want to have a line that shows existing targets, and by looking at the chart, you can tell in any given year whether the claims are over or under the target.

    I can get a line-column chart however the current year shows the actual and projected side by side rather than stacked, and therefore does not properly show how the current year is faring in relation to the target.

    I am presuming Excel does not allow what I am requesting and was wondering if anyone knows a work around to achieve the desired results.

    Thanks for any assistance.


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    Re: Line Column Chart with Stacked Columns (2002 SP3)

    It's possible, but I don't think it's a good idea. It's difficult to handle both a projection higher than actual and a projection lower than actual. Why don't you use a line chart (with three lines)?

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