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    priority/cost/benifit worksheet (2003 SP2)

    Good evening

    I am sure that there is probably a 'proper' business terminology for what I am about to ask (and could have searched on Google had I known it) but being reasonably IT illiterate I have been asked to chair a steering committee on the development of our bespoke software system that determines which users requests (demands) are dealt with first on a cost / ease of implementation / profit / quick win basis whereby each request is scored on a 1, 2 or 3 basis by multiple users and then each request is prioritised according to the highest score.

    Before I rush headlong as is my usual wont into designing something totally inappropriate for the task does anybody have any experience of this type of worksheet and perhaps willing to share and example I can work on?




    Asking the questions everbody wants the answers too but feels too stupid to ask themselves :-)

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    Re: priority/cost/benifit worksheet (2003 SP2)

    A number of years back our business team (sales, marketing, tech service, development, etc) developed a quantitative scheme using several criteria all on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the "better")

    Sales; Desireability of customer; Profit, and in addition the timing of when the customer wanted it (also 1 longer term, 5 short term)

    Lastly we estimated how long we thought it would take us to develop it (5 quickly, 1 major development) if we concentrated our efforts on it.

    We took the product of all the numbers as the "priority", the larger the better. We "weeded" out projects by also plotting the "importance" ( the product of all but the development time) vs the development time. This chart we put into 4 quadrants:
    1) High importance/fast turnover
    2) Low importance/fast turnover
    3) High importance/long development
    4) Low importance/long development

    The 1s we said "Do NOW". The 2s do when there is some downtime, waiting on results, etc. 3s are the projects that need to be planned and budgeted for (and there must be a commitment to do) and the 4s were the projects that we should dump unless we had plenty of bored people with nothing to do (hard to find in the lean/mean stage ...)


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