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Thread: Nero 7.10

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    Nero 7.10

    I bought and downloaded a plug-in called DVD-VIDEO MULTICHANNEL then it asked me to upgraded my Nero 7.5 to 7.10. I had slides converted into a presentation on a CD by an expert but the slides were all mixed up so I decided to trim the Presentation into 20 different files by using the option Compile in Nero and saved them all individually. Then I put them all back together in a SlideShow in Nero Vision in the order I wanted them and save the file which was saved as (.nvc). When I went to burn it the program gave me the message that is attached and the name of my file had an extension .nvc (AVCHD). I would like to re-save my file without the AVCHD and maybe it would then burn but I can't see how it is possible to do. Any idea???
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