I have a non-Microsoft screen saver that displays graphics files. It runs fine on my Windows NT PCs, but on my Windows 2000 PCs when it starts itself, it runs as a small bar like it is minimized just above the start button at the lower left. If you click on it enough, it enlarges to show the upper left quarter of the screen saver and does change images. If you start the saver manually, it runs perfectly (full screen, image changes, etc.). It was written in Visual Basic 6. The 2000 PCs have NTFS or FAT32, some have Service Pack 2, one user has administrator authority, some have DirectX 8, but none of them show the saver correctly when it runs after idle time. I remember (at least I think I do) reading a post somewhere claiming that NT screen savers were broken by Windows 2000 Service Pack 1but can not find anything to prove it. Any ideas of what settings I could change on the PCs to fix this or what the programmer could change in his screen saver to fix this would be greatly appreciated.