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    AutoExec Conditional (Word VBA)


    I have a startup Add-in.

    It has an AutoExec function to display a form if a particular setting is true in the registry.

    I would like to make this conditional on how Word was loaded. If loaded by double clicking a document in Explorer or a document in the Start Documents list (that is, if Word is loaded WITH a document) I want to abort the AutoExec. If Word is opened normally, I want to check whether or not to display the form.

    Any way to grab the command line from VBA?

    What's happening now (in Word 2003) is that loading with a Document does NOT load the document but runs AutoExec and stops.

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    Re: AutoExec Conditional (Word VBA)

    The command line doesn't seem to be exposed in the Word object model. You may be able to use code like this:

    If Documents.Count = 1 Then
    If InStr(ActiveDocument.FullName, "") = 0 Then
    ' Only blank new document open, so Word wasn't started by double clicking a doc
    End If
    End If

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