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    Re: Averaging Group Totals (Access2003)

    Create a totals query based on your table that groups by Document Number and sums the edit time.

    If you don't need the detail records for each individual edit, use this query as record source for a report. You can put a text box to display the average of the sum in the report footer.

    If you do need the detail records, base the report on the original table, and put a text box in the report footer with a control source like this:


    where NameOfQuery is the name of the totals query and SumOfTime the name of the field that sums the edit time per document.

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    Average of Calculated Footer Data(Access2003)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by Mesaka on 28-Nov-07 15:36. Clarification)</P>Hi. I've searched through the Help files and other postings and I can't find the answer I need, which is how to calculate the average value of a calculation in a sub-group in a report.

    I have a report listing jobs (requests for word processing edits) performed by a department here at work. For argument's sake, here is how the report is grouped:
    Preformatted (yes/no) header
    ProductNumber header
    StudyNumber header
    StudyNumber footer
    PreFormatted footer

    The level of granularity in which I'm interested is the StudyNumber, which will (ideally) give me the total time spent editing the documents for a particular study number. I also wrote a special function called =networkdays() to calculate "elapsed time", which is the number of days from the earliest date a document for a specific StudyNumber was submitted (=Min([In]) until the latest date completed for any document associated with that StudyNumber (=Max([Completed]). This information is calculated in the "StudyNumber" group footer and appears via a text-box control with the source as =networkdays(Min([In]),Max([Completed])). This works fine.

    My problem is that I can't figure out how to get an average of that number to appear in the "Preformatted" group footer. It's kludy enough to get a regular average of a set of group totals, but none of the trick I know are helping me.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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