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    Quit the process (Access 2000)

    I have a very big problem that causes sticking and seizing of the programme and i must restart the computer.The reason is the following.When the user starts to issue a document, in my case an order, he begins by choosing a customer and then he chooses from a list the products from the subform.Let us inmagine a case when he has chosen 2 products. Then by some reason he decides to quit and clicks the red button named Stop.In that case i must delete the whole order since the order has already started , stop the function and close the form.I have attached a stripped down version, although my real database is much more complicated. Please help me. What would you do in my place ?
    P.S. i have written nothing under the click event of the Stop button, since my whole idea of the process is wrong and i would like to know the right way to do it
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    Re: Quit the process (Access 2000)

    One option would be to use unbound forms, but that becomes complicated if you have a main form and a subform.

    Another option is to use a technique demonstrated in the Microsoft Access 97 Sample Forms database (you'll have to convert it to Access 2000 format), under the subject "How to undo or rollback main form and subform changes".

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    Re: Quit the process (Access 2000)

    Instead of having a Stop button have two buttons: "Save and Close" and "Cancel".

    Hide the "Save and Close" button until required fields have been completed.

    The Cancel button can have code to delete any line items that have been created.

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