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    Coloured control (Access 2000)

    (Edited by HansV to provide link to post - see <!help=19>Help 19<!/help>)

    With <post#=575,937>post 575,937</post#> i have received a very helpful suggestion by Hans, and when i am going back to the form i stop at that place and even the cursor is there.Could i make red the place i have left , i.e. where the cursor is ?
    From the from Diary i am opening the form Customers.Then when going back i want the place in the form Diary to be coloured red.Is it possible ? I am opening the form with :
    DoCmd.OpenForm FormName:="FCustomers", WhereCondition:="[CustomerID] = " & Me!Customerid

    I tried with Me!Customerid.ForeColor = 255 in the form Diary, but then all the records got coloured and the selected record

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    Re: Coloured control (Access 2000)

    You can use Format | Conditional Formatting to color a text box differently when it has the focus (i.e. when it is the active control), by selecting "When Field has Focus" in the first dropdown of the dialog. You'd have to do this for all text boxes.

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