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    Magically Changing Calendar Colors (2007)

    Okay, this is kind of strange. At our front desk, the receptionist manages four conference rooms. She has them all displayed in her one-day calendar view nearly all the time (via shared calendars). She has become accustomed to the colors they display, and the other day, we set up her mail so that all messages that are forwarded from any of the conference rooms (which should not be getting mail but sometimes do, a hold-over from the way we used to do things or an error when a "conference room" issues an invitation on its own behalf). So, yesterday, she said, "The colors keep changing."

    Upon investigation, this is what we discovered: if you select four calendars to view, they show up blue, green, pink, gray. If you then change to mail and later switch back to calendar view, they show up blue, gray, pink, green. After the first switch, they stay switched. But if you uncheck them, to perhaps look at the calendars for the vehicles, then turn them back on again, they go back to blue, green, pink, and gray. If you then close and reopen Outlook, they'll flip back to blue, gray, pink, green. Blue seems to always stay, which makes sense. If you have only one other calendar selected, it varies. If it is green, it seems to stay green. But if it is another color (because at one time it was one of several shared calendars selected) changing to mail and back flips it to green.

    It isn't a huge thing. We just happened to set up all the categories and colored message text rules based on the colors the calendars are the least often. So we can change them back. But I am the only one who thinks this is kind of strange? And wouldn't it be nice if the colors could be assigned in such a way that they actually meant something? It was really cool when the appointments sent out from the Front Desk calendar for meetings to be held in the other four rooms could be categorized to matching colors. Too bad it didn't work!

    Just wanted to see if anyone else had see this or had any insight into what's going on, or information about whether or not it is something that's been fixed. Many thanks!


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    Re: Magically Changing Calendar Colors (2007)

    Don't know if this will help, but the default Calendar color can be set to a variety of different colors. (Tools/Options/Calendar Options) however the out of the box default is Blue. When you check a calendar, the second calendar should come up green, the third pink, and the fourth gray.
    Here is what I noticed however.
    With the main calendar open of course. When you open calendars 2-4 the colors will correspond to the order in which you opened them, but! they will appear in the order in which you have them in My calendars. So in short, you may open calendars 1,4,3, and the colors will correspond to that, but they will appear in the order 1,3,4. Hence your colors will be off..
    Thanks John
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