<A target="_blank" HREF=http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q187/2/30.ASP>http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/ar...s/Q187/2/30.ASP</A> discusses a problem with Word 98 for Mac; I'm seeing similar behavior in Word 97 for Windows, but can't find any documentation that proves I'm not crazy (including Usenet, Google, and MS KB searches).

I've developed a contract that has plenty of VBA code behind it, so that if the user decides to make changes to the boilerplate, the changes will appear -- with revision marks -- on all print outs, until their manager approves the changes.

The user wanted to be able to see the document without changes; the contract admnistrators don't want them to be able to print without changes. Simple enough, I think. I set ActiveDocument.TrackRevisions=True and ActiveDocument.PrintRevisions=True. And I set ActiveDocument.ShowRevisions=False.

The revision marks don't print. On multiple Word 97 SR-2 PCs, I've been able to recreate the problem by:
1) Creating a new document.
2) Tools > Track Changes > Highlight Changes
3) Checking "Track changes while editing" and "Highlight changes in printed document", and clearing "Highlight changes on screen"
4) Typing "this is a test"
5) Printing the document

Result: no revision marks on the print out.

In Word 2000, this same series of steps results in a print out with the revised text underlined and with the line in the margin (as expected).

Is this a known bug in Word 97 for Windows? Has Microsoft ever admitted to it, other than in the Word 98 for Mac knowledge base article? Where?