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    Tasks and Reminders/Due Dates (2003 SP2)

    This is probably something simple, but it's annoying me. Here's an example of what's happening:

    I have a Task due on December 20th. I set the Reminder for November 20th. On November 25th, my Reminders Window says that the task is five days overdue. What do I have to do so that the Due Date in the Reminders Window matches the task's Due Date, not its Reminder?


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    Re: Tasks and Reminders/Due Dates (2003 SP2)

    Bit of a guess, but see if setting the Task Start Date to either a start date you want, or to the Due Date, provides what you want. (Guessing that if you don't set a Start Date, I think the Task assumes that Start Date is the Reminder Date.)
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