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    File Bloat (97/98/2000)

    Background: We want to send new product forms by email, using an Excel Template, with the a link back to the template so updates are made when data changes. The excel template file, including a colour picture of the product in jpeg format can be up to 800KB.
    When I trialed a distribution by doing the following, the e-mail blew out to over 5MB.
    Created the email, went to insert, then object, clicked on create from file, browsed to the file location, selected the file, then ticked the link box, click OK.. The file is now a huge 5MB.
    Is there a better way to do this, and why is this happening?
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    Re: File Bloat (97/98/2000)

    If you just want to distribute the file use Insert | File. Your users save the attachment to their hard drive and run it from there. The mail should stay around the original size.

    You would use Insert | Object if you wanted to run the template within the body of the mail item. That sounds risky to me, but maybe that's just me... If you're using O2K you could try sending the template from w/in Excel. But I think you'll still see a lot of bloat because of all the OLE overhead.

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