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    Minor Paint XP Questions

    1. If I need to use a custom color a lot, is there a way to make Paint remember it? Right now, I work around this by storing the color in an image and always using this image to start working.

    2. Is there a way to have Paint produce a clear background? I want to paste the image into PowerPoint and have the slide background show through.

    Ronny Richardson

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    Re: Minor Paint XP Questions

    Paint has fewer features in Windows XP than in previous versions.

    1. No, there is no way to save custom palettes any more, except by storing them in a picture, as you're doing now.

    2. No, MS Paint doesn't support this any more. If you have Office XP or earlier, you can use Microsoft Photo Editor to specify a transparent color in a .gif file. Another program that lets you do this is IrfanView (free).

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