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    Password caching (IE 5.5)

    The first time I entered my username and password for a bank's website, IE asked if I wanted my password to be remembered for subsequent visits to that site. At that time, I declined. I have since decided to let it remember the username and password, but it has never again given me the prompt that would allow me to save them. How can I turn on the username and password caching once I have declined its use?

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    Re: Password caching (IE 5.5)

    You're going to click on Tools | Internet Options | Content | AutoComplete | Ensure that
    Usernames and passwords and Prompt me to remember passwords (last two check items) are checked. then click on OK then Apply.

    Then close I.E., go back in, log into your bank's site, and when it asks, say yes.

    I hope that helps!
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