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    Graphics get lost

    Do you lose the graphics in your Word 97 files?

    I insert and link to graphic files and when I come back to the document there is often just a placeholder where the graphic was.

    If I move the Word file to another directory, I always make sure to copy the graphic files as well and use the same directory structure.

    I'm getting really tired of having to reinsert graphics everytime I work in a file. I'm getting to the point of just embedding the images instead of linking to them. This would give me really big files, but I 'assume' I wouldn't lose the graphics then?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Graphics get lost

    Whew, I used linked graphics once and experienced what you are going through now... I bailed on that idea long ago. I can deal with a large document as opposed to the hassle. That's what they make WinZip for! [img]/w3timages/icons/grin.gif[/img] Is there a reason you would worry about size? How large are your documents now?

    Inserting graphics directly into a document shouldn't misplace your graphics. (I say shouldn't because, well, we ARE talking about Microsoft here [img]/w3timages/icons/doh.gif[/img] my fiance would have a fit if he heard me say that [img]/w3timages/icons/wink.gif[/img][img]/w3timages/icons/laugh.gif[/img])

    I see that you're using 97 and I've never had a problem BUT I have run into a problem in 2K...especially with Master Documents. I had never linked the graphics but I was still coming up with the place holder problem. This was a long time ago and it was a known problem, so I'm sure they've put out a patch since then.

    Hope this helps
    have fun

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    Re: Graphics get lost

    I always embed the graphics. Problems with missing graphics are then rare but still happening. I have yet to figure out why it happens and if there is something I can do to restore the graphics without inserting from the original source all over again.

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