ProgeCAD 2008: 85MB download

"progeCAD 2008 Smart! is here. Read and write AutoCAD 2007/2008 DWG files for free*

progeCAD 2008 Smart! the FREEWARE CAD*

progeCAD 2008 Smart!, powered by the most recent IntelliCAD engine, is derived directly from the professional versions of progeCAD, and maintains all the base functionality of its outstanding parents in a set of installation that is compact and easy to install.

progeCAD 2008 Smart! is related to a charitable initiative in favour of Doctors Without Borders for the Darfur, a western Sudan region in Africa, that endures a humanitarian crisis without precedents. All of the users that want to help us in the initiative can carry out some donations.
Donations do not limit in any way the free usage of the software.

*Private use Only: progeCAD 2008 Smart! is for private, non-commercial use only. The use of progeCAD 2008 Smart! within any organization or for commercial and business purposes is strictly prohibited."