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    Cannot uninstall a program (Home premium)

    Vista will not let me uninstall programs. There is 1 user, no guests accounts, and I have Administrator privileges by definition. It has work as recently as a few days ago. I see no evidience of any other loss of privilege.

    I did a restore from 12/5 back to 12/2 and no effect. I use ZoneAlarm security suite. I would not think this would matter.

    Suggestions and details how to fix would be greatly appreciated, preferably how to get the full Administrator back or in the short term get around it.

    Thanks for the help

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    Re: Cannot uninstall a program (Home premium)

    Which programs did you try to uninstall?

    How did you try to uninstall it - using its own Uninstall routine or from Control Panel > Programs and Features > select the program > click Uninstall button?

    Remember, you MUST uninstall the program before using System Restore utility, otherwise the restoration will fail.

    "By definition" you DO NOT have "true" (elevated) Administrator rights. To run a program with elevated Administrator rights, you have to right-click program icon and from pop-up menu select "Run as Administrator".

    To logon to Administrator account with full Administrator rights, you must activate it first by opening Command Prompt with elevated Administrator rights, and then running the command
    net user administrator activate:yes

    Administrator account has blank default password (no password). Establish a secure password if you plan to use it, or disable the account after you finish your task by running the command
    net user administrator activate:no

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