After several failed attempts to use the link provided by Oracle (first one listed below) I just go directly to the page, which worked.

So why would the link, created by Oracle not myself, not work? More to the point, why a local reference instead of directly to the url?

I just installed IE 7 a couple days ago.

I have been starting to look at Oracle 10g Express for the last couple weeks.

Since the install of IE 7, I've been getting an error off and on when I start up one of the links set up at installation.

The url showing in the link is " C:WinAppsOracleapporacleproduct10.2.0serverDatabas e_homepage.url " ( sans quotes); the page that you (I) end up at assuming everything goes properly is " " (again, sans quotes).

The problem is that intermittently, but more often than not, I get an error, a message page that says the IE cannot display the page, and that my connections may be amiss, which I check immediately and find they are not.

The question I have is:

Is there some security or privacy setting in IE that may be causing this conflict? 'Cause it obviously is something, and I can't think of much else.

Chuck Billow