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    Totals and links (Excel 2003)

    hi there
    firstly i need to link sheet 1 to sheet 2 for cost and produce code.
    secondly i need to find a nested IF fuction find totals on sheet 1 based on the data, based on the product code, and quatity in sheet 1 and the product code and price on sheet 2 using a dymatic link or vlookup.

    tony sent me the answer =VLOOKUP(A2,Sheet2!price_list,2,FALSE) * E2 which worked on my test sheet but i cant getting it to work on the attached orginal, i tried fiddling the sheet names and cell ref, but its comming up with errors.
    i cant included any attachments as it wont send them now for some reason. any ideas??

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    Re: Totals and links (Excel 2003)

    It's confusing to start two threads with the same subject. Please post your question as a reply in the relevant thread; this one is locked to prevent further duplication.

    Attachments need to be less than 100 KB in size.

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