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    Limit access to form (2003)

    I have a form that I would like to limit access to 5 people. I have a table that has these 5 people and a unique identifier for those people. I would like a form to come up (when they click a button on the switchboard) so they can enter this unique id and then have the form (that I want only them to open) come up. Is this possible?

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    Re: Limit access to form (2003)

    It's possible, but it's not very secure - if other users look at the table, they'll see the IDs.

    Let's say the table is named tblSecret, and that the relevant field is a text field named ID.

    You could put a text box txtID on the form, with an appropriate caption for the corresponding label, and a command button cmdOK with caption OK (or Open Form).
    The On Click code for the command button could look like this:

    Private Sub cmdOK_Click()
    Dim varID As Variant
    varID = DLookup("ID", "tblSecret", "ID = " & Chr(34) & Me.txtID & Chr(34))
    If IsNull(varID) Then
    MsgBox "You don't have permission to open the form!", vbCritical
    DoCmd.OpenForm "NameOfSpecialForm"
    End If
    DoCmd.Close acForm, Me.Name
    End Sub

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    Re: Limit access to form (2003)

    As Hans mentioned, your form will only be as secure as that ID table.

    But let's assume that table is secure, in which case you can put an InputBox in the Open event of your secured form, asking for an ID (or password, or whatever). If the user's input doesn't verify, then just set Cancel=True in Open event and form won't continue to open.
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    Re: Limit access to form (2003)

    Another approachy is to appy Access User Security to the database and require people to login with a password. Then you can modify the menu being displayed so the user never sees the possibility of opening the form, assuming you have some sort of menuing system.

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