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    Vlookup problem (Excel 2003)

    I have a mystery that has me really perplexed. I am trying to subtract 2 percentages. The result of that formula will be used in a Vlookup formula. The results I get are strange, in that if I change a variable in the subtraction calculation the new result (which does appear in the Vlookup table) does NOT return a value yet an error.

    My only thought is that it is formatting; however, I have created new files, and have changed formats several times trying to dissect this problem.

    I have attached a very good example of this. By changing cell A13 (red) to anything but 8 or 10 will not bring back the right results.

    Can anyone help me with this mystery?
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    Re: Vlookup problem (Excel 2003)

    It's due to very small rounding errors, causing the difference to be not exactly 0,04 equal to the values in B4:B8. If you use the formula


    in C13, the VLOOKUP will work OK.

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