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    Pen Function / Wacom Tablet (2003 Pro SP3)

    I have a new Wacom Tablet - Bamboo Fun - Model CTE-450. I "thought" I would be able to mark up digital Word documents (i.e. students research papers, etc.) with it, and then email them back with the corrections, notes, etc. But I can't get it to write on Word. It just wants to act like a mouse.

    However, if I go to the Lines/Scribble function in Word, it will work but as soon as I pick up the pen, Word thinks I'm finished writing. (Just like it does if I were trying to write with the mouse.) Is there any way to tell Word not to finish with the scribble function until I'm ready ... OR ... is there some software (I haven't found it yet) that will let me do this.


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    Re: Pen Function / Wacom Tablet (2003 Pro SP3)

    Try the following:
    - Select AutoShapes > Lines on the Drawing toolbar.
    - Tear the Lines fly-out (palette) away from the menu by dragging the bar at the top.
    - Double click the Scribble button.
    - Word will remain in Scribble mode until you click the Scribble button again, or press Esc.

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