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    file not closing properly - new cause (2007)

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    Reading several messages here, including one that pointed to here led me to an observation that might help.

    I've been getting "data file did not close properly" error messages. The culprit turned out to be an add-in from Streets and Trips 2008 that dealt with mapping info in outlook. That same add in also changed the behavior of the calendar Save-and-close dialog (made it a drop-down box with several choices).

    The solution in the linked article (try deleting one add-in at a time) was spot on, though.

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    Re: file not closing properly - new cause (2007)

    Thanks. Add-ins are frequently the cause of problems, in all kinds of applications. Disabling add-ins one by one until the problem goes away is one way of finding the culprit (if any), another way is disabling all of them, then enabling them again one by one until the problem returns.

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