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    David Hare-Scott

    Pivot table view (Access 2002)

    I have been playing with pivot table view in Access 2002 and something is very wrong as I get nothing useful. I have run the pivot table form wizard and specified a table as source, then a form opens blank with a wizard box showing the fields. No matter how I drag fields on to the form all I get is columns like in datasheet view. If I try to change the column, row, detail etc in the wizard combo all the fields change to that setting but the display looks the same.

    Help is useless, it just says to drag the fields to the area where you want them to be but I don't see any different areas, just one blank white space, until I fill it up with columns of data. Once these columns are there the column headers contain lists of tick boxes but none of them will untick or do anything else and the column headers will not drag to anywhere. Nothing else will drag either. I have never seen one of these built so I don't know what I am looking at and cannot tell if the problem is broken software or aged programer causing PEBKAC.


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    Re: Pivot table view (Access 2002)

    Hi David,

    Have you played with pivot tables in Excel? The Access version should look the same. I might suggest trying one in Excel to see if it works differently there. That would at least tell you if your Access installation has some kind of problem.

    Pivot tables allow you to drag columns, i.e., from the top to the side, when you run the pivot table so that the data shifts to a different perspective. Is that where you aren't able to drag, or are you still back in the wizard?

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