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    Attach custom toolbar to workbook (2003)

    I created a custom toolbar that I want to open when a certain spreadsheet opens. I created the custom toolbar and I thought I attached it to the workbook but when I close the workbook and reopen it, the toolbar doesn't open also. What am I doing wrong....

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    Re: Attach custom toolbar to workbook (2003)

    Are you using code that looks like this?:
    Set myButton = Application.CommandBars("Worksheet Menu Bar").Controls.Add

    Also ensure that this code is in the Workbook.Open Event.

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    Re: Attach custom toolbar to workbook (2003)

    In fact, when you attach a toolbar to a workbook, it will remain when you close the workbook unless you take measures to remove it.

    To attach a toolbar to a workbook:
    - Make sure that the workbook is open and is the active workbook.
    - Select Tools | Customize...
    - Activate the Toolbars tab.
    - Click Attach...
    - Select the custom toolbar you want in the list on the left.
    - Click the Copy >> button.
    - OK your way out.
    - Save the workbook. The toolbar is now stored in the workbook.

    If you want the toolbar to disappear when you close the workbook, you can write a Before Close event procedure in the ThisWorkbook module:

    Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)
    On Error Resume Next
    End Sub

    You must, of course, substitute the correct name.
    Warning: if you create this event procedure before you have saved the workbook with the attached toolbar, make sure that you attache the toolbar and save the workbook first, before closing the workbook. You only have to do this once.

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