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    Skip line in Report (Access 2000-SP3)

    I am reporting on GL activity and have created a separate line in the table being reported to show the overall budget for each GL account and have placed the sequence number 99999 in that line. I need the report to skip printing that line (the line containing 99999 as the sequence number) on the report of each detail section of data.


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    Re: Skip line in Report (Access 2000-SP3)

    Click on the bar at the top of the Detail section, or click in an empty part of the detail section.
    Activate the Event tab of the Properties window.
    Click in the On Format event.
    Select [Event Procedure] from the dropdown list.
    Click the ... button to the right of the dropdown arrow.
    Make the event procedure look like this:

    Private Sub Detail_Format(Cancel As Integer, FormatCount As Integer)
    Cancel = (Me.[SequenceNum] = 99999)
    End Sub

    Replace SequenceNum with the name of the control bound to the sequence number field. There must be such a control in the detail section; you can set its Visible property to No if you don't want to show it on the report.

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