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    footnotes continued from previous page (2003)

    How do I insert a comment in a footnote that is continued from a previous page as follows" "footnote continued from previous page."

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    Re: footnotes continued from previous page (2003)

    You can customize the Footnote Continuation Separator:
    - Activate Normal View.
    - Select View | Footnotes.
    - Select Footnote Continuation Separator from the Footnotes dropdown at the top of the footnotes pane.
    - You can add the text you want, and insert a formula field to display the previous page number. It looks like this:

    { ={ PAGE }-1 }

    - Insert the field braces by pressing Ctrl+F9, not by typing the braces yourself.
    - Press F9 to hide the field code after you've inserted it.
    - Click the Close button at the top of the footnotes pane when you're done.
    - Switch back to Print Layout view to see the result.

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