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    2 palms's 1 outlook 2k

    Hi all, we have his and hers Palm Vx's and currently two home computers. neither knows what appointments the other has without manually entering them twice. So I wish to sync both Palm's with the one computer running Win 98se, Outlook 2K.
    Is this possible?
    What problems are likely to occur?
    My wife also sync's with her work computer which she has Win 2000 and Palm Desktop 4 installed.

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    Re: 2 palms's 1 outlook 2k

    My husband and I also have his and hers Palms. We both sync with our work computers, so the easiest way that we have found to share appointments and other information is to beam the records from one Palm to the other when we're home.

    I got my Palm first and when my husband got his, I beamed him a lot of my address book entries and all of our daughter's days off school and so on. This gave him a jump start on entering information into his Palm, and it didn't really take as much time as I had expected that it would. I've always found that beaming him the records is worth the effort because then I *know* that he has the information he needs to get to a mutual appointment on time.

    My business partner also has a Palm, and we beam mutual appointments and client records back and forth, too.

    DonnaRL in Chicago

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