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    convert chinese doc to english doc? (Word97 - sr2a)


    I've had a request from a user.
    They have received a document in chinese.
    The Chinese document is in Word Chinese (Simplified Characters).
    like to convert the doc into english.

    Is there a Microsoft add in programs to read the characters so we can print in Chinese.
    any ideas if this can this be done?
    tia Diana

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    Re: convert chinese doc to english doc? (Word97 - sr2a)

    I can tell you something which may prove useful (what I know currently) about Chinese characters in English Word.

    Chinese characters take up two bytes and should not be split in the middle to break lines for displaying, etc.. GB and BIG5 are two 16-bit Chinese character set encoding standards, as against Unicode, which is 32-bit.

    The mainland provinces of China usually use simplified Chinese characters. GB is the standard electronic character set for these. Big5 is a widely-used character set of traditional Chinese characters, is the de-facto internal code standard in Taiwan. Hong Kong uses traditional Chinese characters in daily life, but uses both GB and Big5 in electronic form, because Hong Kong people often communicate with people in all of China's provinces. Singapore seldom uses Chinese characters, and uses the simplified form when Chinese characters are used. In electronic form, Unicode is more popular, but GB is also used

    Both, GB and BIG5 extend the ASCII Characterset by using Escape Sequences and Shift Functions.

    You will need to procure a set of Chinese TT fonts (if you do not have them) and a set of nearly 100 fonts used to cost about $250. I do not have the site URL, but you will have no difficulty finding the site using a good search engine.

    There are also keyboard emulators available, which allow you to enter Chinese characters.

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