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    Form Fields - Address? (Word 2003)

    I have a document that is used by my firm to file at the Courthouse. This is just a regular document (no tables, just standard text paragraphs) that I use formfields for the user to fill in variable information. However, there is one part in this document that contains a place to insert an address of the Courthouse. We have three offices and therefore the address is going to vary depending on which office is filling out this form. Is there any way that I can put an address in a drop-down list that the user can then choose which address they want? I know I can put one line at a time in the drop-down list, but in the case of an address, the user will have to drop down 3 separate boxes in order to get the address to fill in properly. Is there any way that I can have the user choose the location and then the address will fill in for them without using three separate drop-down lists (one for each line)?

    For example:

    Law Courts Building
    1A Sir Winston Churchill Square
    Edmonton, AB T5J 0R2

    In order to choose this address, I would have to enter each line into a drop down list, therefore requiring 3 separate drop-down lists. Is there any field or otherwise that I can use to make this a bit easier and less prone to mistakes?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Form Fields - Address? (Word 2003)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by jscher2000 on 20-Dec-07 22:59. )</P>You could handle this a bit differently. For example, you could have a three link textbox and a small drop-down where the user chooses a court. You would assign a macro to run when the user "exits" the drop-down. That macro would read the value of the drop-down and fill in the textbox with the appropriate address.

    You probably would need to style the drop-down as hidden text to suppress it from printing, and instruct users to turn on viewing of hidden text when filling in the form.

    Does that sound workable?

    Added: Some posts showing similar types of form automation:

    <post:=648,387>post 648,387</post:>
    <post:=638,968>post 638,968</post:>

    You also can use Field Codes with various conditions coded in them to store the address information. This actually is easier then writing the macro code to insert the address. Examples:

    <post:=606,521>post 606,521</post:>
    <post:=583,358>post 583,358</post:>

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    Re: Form Fields - Address? (Word 2003)

    I would suggest that you explore the possibility of autotextlists. The following posts will start your exploration
    <post:=605,334>post 605,334</post:>
    <post:=435,341>post 435,341</post:>
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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    Re: Form Fields - Address? (Word 2003)

    Hi maverik,

    See the attached document. Simply select the court from the dropdown list then press the tab key.
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