I was recently responsible for a Project Server 2003 pilot, that carried on to a 2007 pilot (still in progress AFAIK). My resources were Google, a few books, and MS online docco (reasonably comprehensive, but often self contradictory, esp for 2007).

I also tried here, but unlike some Lounge forums, found this one fairly sparse and sporadic. An observation, not crticism.

Hence, here's a few sites that I found useful that may also help others when they're floundering as I was:
<UL><LI> Discussions in Microsoft Project General Questions (needs Windows Live ID to post)
<LI> Discussions in Microsoft Project Server (needs Windows Live ID to post)
<LI> Mike's Tutorials (latest need TechTrax m'ship)
<LI> Microsoft Office Project (TechNet)
<LI> Project Server Experts Community Site (esp the FAQ KB)
<LI> Project Search (project specific search)
<LI> MVP FAQs[/list]Some MVPs also run blogs with more tidbits. You can chase them down via links from the above sites or creative Googling.

btw The experience with the Project Server pilots convinced me to move on to a real PM product, Primavera <img src=/S/evilgrin.gif border=0 alt=evilgrin width=15 height=15>