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    Triggers for Active Directory

    I hope this is the right forum for this. I've done a little here and there as far as interfacing with Active Directory programmatically. I've gotten pretty used to querying information. But I've always wondered if there was a way to set a trigger in Active Directory. I'll give you an example of what I am talking about.

    We are going to a new Anti-Spam process that is offsite. Our email is routed through another companies servers, and they only send us the non-spam. One of the 'settings' that we will eventually turn on, will have that external company drop anything not going to a valid email address within our company. ie, if John Smith has as his email address, but there is no, this external server will simply drop any addresses that it doesn't know are valid.

    One method of doing this is to let that external company 'query' our Active Directory. Personally, I wouldn't care about that, but my boss doesn't want that. So, instead, we will have to add these users to that anti-spam system whenever we add a new email address to a user, or create a new user in AD that has an email address (we're using Exchange 2003). If we create a user in AD, with a mailbox, they will NOT get any external emails until we (IT) update the anti-spam company with the new address (and user that has the address).

    Now, I know how to do this programmatically, but not the way I'd like. I could build an NT Service in VB, that checks Active Directory for new email addresses (and address to account associations) periodically. If I build the ADSI query right, I could probably get away with doing this once a minute. But what I would LIKE to do, is just have Active Directory 'alert' my program when a new address (or a change) has occurred. A trigger. In SQL Server, I can write a trigger for changes in a table. Does Active Directory have anything like this? I use AD a lot, but I've never run across a capability like this before.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Triggers for Active Directory

    This question has been reposted in the VB/VBA forum. If you want to help Drew, please post a reply in the thread starting at <post:=686,147>post 686,147</post:>. This thread is locked to prevent duplication.

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