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    Reinstall 2007 - how to? (2007)

    I'm planning to reinstall XP on my desktop. I'm thinking of doing a complete reinstall - reformat the hard drive, etc.
    Will I be able to reinstall Office 2007 with a single user license ? I think this is the license type I have - my copy comes from the Office 2007 rollout.

    The Microsoft site talks about doing this on the same partition. Won't reformatting remove all traces of 2007 (and everything else) and thus make the desktop appear to be a "new" partition? If I have to activate again, won't that be flagged and stopped by Microsoft?

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    Re: Reinstall 2007 - how to? (2007)

    Do you still have the registration key? The registration process should see that you're still using the same PC and accept the key.
    If it doesn't, you should call Microsoft and explain the situation. From waht I've heard, they're pretty reasonable in situations like this.

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