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    Update query (Acces 2000)

    I have an updatable query based on 2 queries.qryinput and qry output. I want to update a field in the table products with this result. Since the query is non updatable ,how should i proceed, can i use the dlookup function? How should it look like? My query is the following
    SELECT qryInput.ProductID, qryInput.Sum1, qryOutput.Sum2, [Sum1]-[Sum2] AS Rest
    FROM (qryInput INNER JOIN qryOutput ON qryInput.ProductID = qryOutput.ProductID) INNER JOIN products ON qryInput.ProductID = products.Productid;

    I want to update the field products.items4( table products,field items4) with the field Rest from the query.
    Can you help me ?

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    Re: Update query (Acces 2000)

    See <post:=683,951>post 683,951</post:> - the solution should be similar.

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